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For many small and medium-sized organizations, having a full-time cyber security executive on the payroll is unrealistic. With our fractional CISO service, customers get the benefit of leveraging the thought leadership and strategic direction of our accomplished leaders with cross-sector experience.

Typical Duration of Engagement: ≥ 3 months

Without strategy, execution is aimless,
Without Execution, strategy is useless.
Morris Chang

What’s included

  • Cyber security program review and improvement
  • Strategy and roadmap development
  • Security policy and standards
  • Cybersecurity compliance readiness
  • Metrics framework, KRIs and KPIs
  • Technology vendor engagements and solution assessment
  • Cybersecurity risk management program
  • Security architecture and design
  • Ransomware susceptibility and readiness assessment

Virtual CISO and Advisory Services

Our team of experienced and certified cybersecurity professionals support organizations of all sizes and industries. We work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that aligns with their business objectives, corporate culture, risk appetite, and regulatory requirements.

Our virtual CISO and advisory offering can be used to support several aspects of your cyber security program. Our customers most commonly take advantage of this offering to either develop or improve one or many of the following program elements.

Cyber security program review and improvement

Cyber security is a never-ending journey. Have you taken your time to map out and document how you are going to navigate your way through this journey? Our Virtual CISOs have several years of experience building and improving programs for organizations of all sizes and across different industry sectors. Give us a try and we will be happy to partner with you on this journey to deliver impressive outcomes.

Strategy and roadmap development

A business aligned security program begins with the development of a good strategy. However, the strategy by itself is of no value if not appropriately implemented. This is one of the areas of your security program where we will add the most value by ensuring that every foundational element of your program is given due consideration.

Security policies and standards

Our experience developing business-aligned and world class policies and standards differentiates us from most of our competitors. Some of our virtual CISO hours are typically used to bring our customers’ security policies and standards up to speed with their business realities, regulatory requirements, and the cyber threat and technology landscape.

Metrics Framework Development and Improvement

You can only improve what you can measure. At Digiss, we work with our customers to establish a framework that helps them to consistently and repeatably measure the effectiveness of their cyber defense capabilities. Give us a try and we will be happy to partner with you on this journey to deliver impressive outcomes.

Cybersecurity compliance readiness

As much as compliance does not equal security, complying with regulatory mandates is a key business requirement. We typically fulfill this requirement by focusing primarily on building and maintaining a solid cyber defense posture. Where this is not immediately possible, we will work with you to scale your immediate compliance hurdle, then map out what you need to do to enhance your overall cyber defense posture.

Technology Vendor Engagements

Making investment in any particular security product without adequate understanding of the problem to be solved, or expected return on investment is a bad choice. Digiss can partner with you to develop test cases and evaluation criteria needed to demonstrate value whenever you are considering making significant investments in any security technology solution.

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Every cyber security program ultimately aims to reduce risk to organizational digital assets. We can give your cyber defense efforts a clear sense of direction by helping to develop and implement an overarching cyber risk management program.

Security Architecture & Design

In delivering this service, we focus on making cyber security an integral part of system development efforts. Our security architects work with cross-functional teams to ensure careful identification of relevant security requirements and implementation of tailored security controls as your IT systems are being developed. The output of this engagement is delivery of information systems that are capable of repelling common cyber-attacks. This way, your cyber adversaries are forced to either adapt or seek out softer targets.

Ransomware susceptibility assessment

For several business reasons, nothing keeps most business leaders up at night more than a devastating ransomware attack. Significant financial loss, downtime, reputational damage and legal consequences are some of the unwanted outcomes that can result from a ransomware attack. We’re very aware of this reality, so we work with our customers to determine their degree of susceptibility to a ransomware attack with a view to developing and implementing preventive measures and readiness plan.

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