We’re not just another MDR service provider

Our purpose-driven MDR service is one of several ways by which we differentiate ourselves. We offer this service not just as a box-ticking exercise, but as a cyber defense partner that is fully interested in keeping the bad guys out of your network.

Let’s help you to raise the barrier of cyber attack.

Cyber badness is a menace to the global business world that shows no signs of abating. Every day, at least one organization suffers a devastating cyber-attack. Unfortunately, the army of cyber criminals continues to outgrow the army of enterprise defenders at an alarming rate.

We have the expertise and the bodies

At Digiss, we have a team of competent security operations analysts, cyber threat hunters, and incident responders who work 24/7/365 to keep threat actors out of your network. We can either act as an extension of your internal security team or fully take the burden of ongoing monitoring, detection, and investigations off them to free up their time for remediation activities once called to action.

See how our MDR RACI chart compares to others

Bring your own tools (BYOT)

With your security technology stack, we’ll provide industry leading protection, detection and response service across multiple layers of defense. With Digiss, your return on security investment is guaranteed because we get the best out of your existing security tools.

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