Secure your merger and acquisition activities with us​

As part of your due diligence activities, consider the security risks you’re inheriting before shaking hands on that deal.​

“The failure to detect the compromise of an employee’s laptop in an acquired company in 2021, prior to allowing it to connect to Microsoft’s corporate network, raises questions about the robustness of Microsoft’s M&A compromise assessment program.”​

– Cyber Safety Review Board, March 20, 2024​
In Its report on the compromise of Microsoft Exchange Online by Adversarial Group Storm-0558

Our M & A engagement is all about cyber defense posture evaluation and improvement

From conducting comprehensive security assessments and due diligence to integrating security controls and processes post-acquisition, we help organizations mitigate the security risks associated with mergers and acquisitions while ensuring a smooth transition.​

Assessment Approach​

Assessment will be conducted by going through a series of survey-based and technical discovery activities. The figure below shows the five (5) phases of our end-to-end M & A Cybersecurity Assessment solution and their respective high-level activities.​


Requirement Analysis

Understand Customer’s business goal in relation to M & A Cybersecurity Assessment


Initial Discovery

Passive reconnaissance, historical incident analysis, and survey-based non-technical discovery exercise


Technical Discovery

Activities in this phase include compromise assessment, penetration test and vulnerability scans


Report & Recommendations

Highest priority cyber security risks with recommended mitigation actions will be reported

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