Be Secure
in the Cloud 

Yes, that’s exactly right! Security OF the cloud is the responsibility of your provider while security IN the cloud is your responsibility.Cloud adoption does not absolve you of the responsibility of securing your assets, but Digiss can partner with you to proffer simple solutions to your seemingly complex cloud security challenges.

We love Digiss! A great partner that is very responsive and ever so reliable.
— VP and CISO at a Unicorn start up

Let's help you secure your assets in the CLOUD

Cost savings, agility, and other operational benefits associated with cloud adoption are increasingly becoming difficult to ignore. Alongside the numerous benefits of cloud computing, however, come various cyber security risks.

The good news is that most major cloud services come with native security features that can be activated to secure you workloads and data. The bad news is that most organizations are too busy trying to run their business that they pay less attention to what needs to be secured and how it should be secured.

This is where we come in. Among other things, our consultants will work with you to discover your cloud environment, and develop an IaaS threat model that shows your risks, avenues of attack, attack vectors, and recommended countermeasures.

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