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Making Cyber Security Practitioners Available to Organizations That Need Them in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria - May 11, 2018

The threat posed to individuals and organizations by cyber adversaries is real even in a developing economy like Nigeria.

 Two months ago, Crowdstrike, a global leader in cyber threat intelligence and security incident response, released intelligence report on how Nigerian cybercriminals have evolved their tactics to sophisticated business email compromise (BEC) scams that result in malware infection, account hijacking and impersonation among other outcomes. Similarly, Palo Alto’s Unit 42 threat intelligence team, which has been studying the Nigerian cybercriminal gangs for at least 4 years, released an intelligence report in April 2018 about how sophisticated and effective these criminals have become.

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Coming to Nigeria ... Cyber Security for Aspiring Practitioners

San Antonio, Texas - February 15, 2018

Digital Information Security Solutions LLC (DIGISS LLC), a cyber security training and consulting firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas (and registered in Nigeria) is introducing its flagship training course, CSAP 301: "Cyber Security for Aspiring Practitioners", to the Nigerian market.

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