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Customers' credentials are what cyber fraudsters profit from

In order to fulfill an order or service, retailers and service providers are required to identify their customers to be sure whom they are dealing with. Therefore, every customer has to have an online profile, which is typically created using their personally identifiable information. Once an online profile is created, customers are required to prove who they say they are through the use of a username (usually e-mail address) and password. These pieces of information, commonly referred to as “credentials”, are what cyber fraudsters profit from.

There is proliferation of stolen online credentials all over the place, as billions of credentials are obtainable from multiple channels, including closed instant messaging and social media groups, the Surface Web, the Deep Web, and the Dark Web.

Secure your account

Whether your online account was found in our Identity Defense Platform or not, if you have a profile with any of the following brands, click on the logo to find out how to proactively secure your account.

You will be redirected to the service provider's website where you can learn more about protecting your account. These retailers and providers have very useful information about protecting your account but most consumers are typically not aware of it. Our goal is to aggregate links to these very useful tips on this page for every victimized brand that we know about. You should also refer to our IDENTITY PROTECTION CHEATSHEET to learn more about securing your digital accounts against compromise

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