NASS Website Hacked. Who Cares?

November 10, 2018 - by Mobolaji Moyosore - in Business

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A hacker by the moniker “Mr.OneJack” has added Nigeria’s National Assembly’s (NASS) website (nass[.]gov[.]ng) to his inventory of hacked sites. This does not look like a targeted attack given that there are similarities with several other websites already pwned by this threat actor. That said though, who knows whether any backend database was hacked as part of this attack? It will be interesting to see if data dumps of interest show up on the darkweb in the coming days.

It does look like this individual – who is most likely an Indonesian – hacks for fun (or fame) going by the messages he leaves on hacked sites. Visitors to websites hacked by Mr.OneJack are welcomed with the following three messages (in sequence):

  1. Hacked by Hacker Gans
  2. Apakah Saya Gans? (Translation: Am I Gans?)
  3. Gua Kan Emang Gans:”) (Translation: I am right, bro)



A quick Google search for the phrase “hacked by Mr.OneJack” brings up few websites in his catalogue:


These hacked websites most definitely have something in common (e.g. vulnerability or stolen admin credentials) that is being exploited by this criminal. As usual, there are several websites out there screaming “hack me now” but seeing a very important website of Africa’s largest economy hacked in this manner by a common cybercriminal is quite frankly embarrassing. Hopefully this is enough for the NASS to revisit and expedite the passing of bill to repeal and re-enact the country’s heavily flawed Cyber Crime Act 2015. I’m definitely not putting my money on it.

Cybercrimes (sic) and Cybersecurity Bill 2017, sponsored by Senator Buhari Abdulfatai, passed first reading on March 22, 2017 but it’s been stuck there since. Meanwhile, cyber criminals in the country continue to perpetrate electronic crime and fraud with reckless abandon.

With roughly three months to go until the country’s 2019 elections, is this a timely wake up call for its politicians? What impact could cybercriminals (and their sponsors) have on the future of Nigeria?

The alleged interference of Russia’s nation state threat actors on America’s 2016 elections is all too fresh on everybody’s mind.


Mobolaji Moyosore

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