Information Risk Management as a Valuable Service

In cyber security, information risk management does not usually get the required attention whereas the overall goal of any cyber security program is to reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack. Effective information risk management requires a solid process and an experienced risk analyst far more than it needs any shiny technology product. Perhaps its lack of adequate attention is down to this (?).

In this course, students will learn, among other things, the key elements of an information risk management program. Aligning information risk management to enterprise risk management is crucial, and so is clear and concise communication of risky activities - with cyber security implications - to senior leadership in a timely manner. On completion of this course, learners will return to their job well armed with the necessary tool required to achieve a solid information risk management program.

Practical Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Management

This course teaches incumbent cyber security practitioners how to determine the types of threat actors with the highest probability of attacking their organization’s information systems. Following this determination, the practitioner needs to understand and implement the most effective countermeasures against the identified threat actors.