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Our services are driven by the needs of your business. We always begin by understanding your business requirements and associated cyber security problems. In the end, we will come up with solutions that satisfactorily support your critical business initiatives by striking the right balance between business risks and opportunities. Our consultants understand the principles of business security well enough to ensure that technical security controls will not negate business enablement objectives whenever we’re privileged enough to work with you.

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Digital Information Security Solutions (DIGISS) LLC was born out of the need to address organizational cyber security challenges. Having worked in different industry sectors securing digital assets of various organizations over the past two decades, our consultants understand how to support and defend the business through appropriate cyber security capabilities. Our knowledge of best practice cyber security frameworks, high profile cyber security breaches and tactics, techniques and procedures of cyber adversaries gives us the edge while delivering business-focused cyber security programs. Our primary aim is to thwart cyber adversaries by implementing and optimizing security controls that reduce the likelihood of a successful breach while increasing the odds of promptly detecting an ongoing one.

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