DIGISS Certified Cyber Security Associate (DCCSA)

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DCCSA certification provides employers with confidence and assurance that the certified individual understands cyber security tenets, principles, capabilities and benefits, and can suitably discharge, among others, the following duties:.

Maintain current knowledge and awareness of the cyber threat landscape in order to be able to take appropriate actions necessary to safeguard organizational digital assets when required

Execute vulnerability scans, obtain and analyze the reports, and communicate highest priority items to system owners

Conduct validation scans to provide assurance of remediation

Develop, improve and maintain operational processes and procedures

Support organization’s regulatory compliance obligations through understanding of applicable regulatory mandates and efforts required to remain compliant

Perform security monitoring, incident response, investigations and escalations of security incidents

Conduct risk analysis, deliver actionable reports, and track risk mitigation efforts

In addition to the foregoing, the certified professional would also have demonstrated the competence and real ability to deploy and operate various cyber security technology products across the following defense-in-depth domains:

Access Control

Host Security

Data Security

Vulnerability Management

Security and Events Monitoring

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