Introducing DIGeeks

Our Collaborative Platform for Cyber Security Enthusiasts

At DIGISS LLC, one of our core philosophies is that the collective brainpower of a group of people is stronger than that of any one individual. Each of our training courses comes with several practical cyber security problems to which students are encouraged to—through independent research—propose the most effective solutions.

Different viewpoints posted to the DiGeeks platform are then collaboratively examined via threaded discussions to arrive at the most informed choice. A qualified DIGISS instructor moderates and facilitates each thread.

  • Below are some of the domains of discussions:
  • Threat modeling and vulnerability assessment
  • Information risk management
  • Business and requirements analysis (through the lens of cyber security)
  • Incident response
  • Process development and workflow analysis
  • Report writing
  • Lessons from cyber security breaches
  • Cyber security posture validation & improvement
Join the Network of Emerging Cyber Armies and Experience the power of crowd learning and problem solving
Join the network of emerging cyber armies and experience the power of crowd learning and problem solving