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Your business, like other modern day businesses, is driven by information systems that need to be protected from cyber threat actors who constantly seek to damage your brand, reduce your net profit, and erode your competitive advantage among other things. Organizations continue to remain highly susceptible to cyber attacks due to proliferation of several hacking tools and lack of adequate knowledge and skills required to build cyber-resilient information systems with limited attack surface.

Using our Train-Mentor-Place (TMP) model, we:

  1. Develop tomorrow's cyber security practitioners through well-thought-out training programs that have clear learning objectives and a good balance of content and context
  2. Work with students who show a lot of promised and desire to further prepare them for life as cyber security practitioners
  3. Leverage our relationship with employers of cyber security talents to move successful students to the front of the interview queue. Our well-trained and highly informed students will be capable of demonstrating the level of competence required by any organization seeking junior cyber security talents 

By joining our cyber talent hunters network, you will have unlimited access to this pipeline of business focused cyber security professionals who understand how and why digital information assets should be protected.

The graphic below shows our TMP Lifecycle:

This partnership is at no cost to you. Rather, you benefit by having direct access to energetic cyber security talents who have been trained on the fundamental principles and ethics of the cyber security profession.

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