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Our Approach

At DIGISS LLC, we’re dedicated to enriching the pool of very scarce cyber security talents. Knowing what makes a competent cyber security practitioner, members of the DIGISS team are committed to developing and mentoring business-focused professionals who will afterwards be capable of making the task of a cyber threat actor much harder. Our cyber security training products, tailored to the needs of our students and their (future) employers, are suitable for aspiring, intermediate and experienced cyber security professionals.


Using our Train-Mentor-Place model, we:




We develop tomorrow's cyber security practitioners through well-thought-out training programs that have clear learning objectives and a good balance of content and context


A certification exam is taken upon completion of our entry-level course and successful students automatically qualify to join the mentorship program. We will work with students who show a lot of desire to further prepare them for life as cyber security practitioners


We leverage our relationship with employers of cyber security talents to move our mentees to the front of the interview queue. Our well-trained and highly informed students will be capable of demonstrating the level of competence required by any organization seeking junior cyber security talents

Top 7 U.S. States with highest number of cyber security job openings:





New York




Who We Serve

We pride ourselves in our ability to develop market ready cyber security talents whilst empowering incumbent practitioners to become much more valuable employees. On completion of our entry-level training programs, students with huge promise are identified, mentored and recommended for hiring by one of our corporate clients.

Our mission, which is to remove as many soft targets as possible from the purview of cyber adversaries, is certain to support key business objectives of most modern-day organizations.

What Drives Us

At DIGISS LLC, we are driven by our passion for cyber security and commitment to thwarting cyber adversaries by developing and mentoring business-focused cyber security practitioners who understand what it takes to adequately enhance and maintain organizational cyber security posture. Our primary aim is to continually produce highly informed and business-focused cyber security professionals at all levels–beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Being professionals who constantly seek cyber security talents ourselves, we recognize the challenges associated with finding and hiring competent cyber security professionals. At the same time, we know what key attributes make a sound practitioner. This is the basis of our commitment.

Our teaching philosophy is premised on the fact that cyber security is as much an art as it is a science. Hence our courses are designed to always make the student focus on business and technical aspects of cyber security in equal measure.

We are driven by our mission of removing as many soft targets as possible from the purview of cyber adversaries.


CSAP 301: Cyber Security for Aspiring Practitioners

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