Cyber Security Program Development

We help accelerate development and maturity of your information security program

Service Overview

Cyber security is a business imperative. In order for your business to remain profitable, you need to be aware of specific cyber security threats and regulatory requirements, and ensure that these are effectively addressed.
In developing a business-focused cyber security program, we begin by carefully analyzing your business model, requirements and risk appetite. The output of this analysis is determination of your potential cyber security threats and specification of corresponding countermeasures.

Our main objective here is to help accelerate development and/or maturity of your organization’s cyber security program. Our experienced cyber security consultants will work with you to understand your business model, requirements, and realities before recommending security capabilities that will enable realization of business objectives. Our staff have several years of experience designing and implementing effective cyber security programs based on best-in-class cyber security frameworks such as ISO27001, ISF Standard of Good Practice, SANS Critical Security Controls, PCI DSS, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and so forth. At the end of this engagement, you will have a clear view of your cyber security value map, the current and target states of your security capabilities, and the evolutionary steps required to get to the target state.

of companies invest evenly across technology, and third-party service providers
of companies allocate all or most of the cyber security budget to insurance in anticipation of future incidents
of companies invest heavily in technology and/or third-party providers with a small amount of budget to insurance
- AT&T Cyber Security Insights Vol7

Service Offerings

Policies and Standards

Policies and standards are directive statements that are enforceable across an organization. They provide clarity on the expectations of senior management with regards to cyber security.

Roadmap and Strategy

A security strategy proactively answers questions relating to why a cyber security program or department exists within an organization. It clarifies the objectives of the cyber security team in relation to corporate goals. The roadmap shows the evolutionary paths towards realization of strategic objectives for cyber security.

Metrics Framework

A metrics framework provides mechanism by which the effectiveness of a cyber security program is measured. Its overall goal is to provide assurance that existing cyber security controls are adequately reducing the likelihood of a security breach whilst increasing the odds of detecting an ongoing breach.

"Two-thirds of organizations say their in-house cybersecurity capabilities are adequate to protect against cyberthreats, yet 80% say they have been breached within the past year."

- AT&T Cyber Security Insights Vol7

Your Benefits

Directs activities of the security department
Reduces risk of data breach, regulatory fines, and litigation
Drives improvements in risk mitigation efforts
Shapes security investment decisions
Brings highest priority risks and initiatives to the fore

Our Deliverables

Updated/newly developed cyber security strategy document

Overarching and issue-specific cyber security policies

Inventory of mission-critical digital assets and possible cyber threats

Metrics framework used to develop and report Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)


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