Cyber Security Architecture and Design

Securing your business is our business

Service Overview

DIGISS has a team of security architects with experience and formal training in the application of best practice security architecture frameworks, most notably, Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture (SABSA) framework, which is a methodology for developing business-driven, risk and opportunity focused security infrastructure solutions that traceably support critical business initiatives.

During our engagement, we begin with the business in mind and focus less on solving technology related problems. Our three major objectives here are to:


Support business objectives
Protect mission-critical assets
Provide assurance that risks are being reduced to acceptable levels

"During our engagement, we will work with cross-functional teams within your organization to adequately understand your mission-critical assets and their ability to repel malicious cyber attacks."

- Mobolaji Moyosore. CEO, DIGISS LLC

Service Offerings

Security Design Review

The security design review service focuses on reducing security flaws introduced during system development while providing practical and cost effective recommendations to remediate findings before full implementation and “go live”. Our security consultants will work with cross-functional teams within your organization to ensure careful identification of security requirements and implementation of appropriate security controls as the information systems that support your business are being developed. The output of this engagement is delivery of information systems, which are capable of withstanding and repelling most common cyber attacks.
This way, your cyber adversaries are forced to either adapt their tactics, techniques and procedures or go after softer targets.


Cyber Security Controls Gap Analysis

The controls gap analysis service involves identifying security weaknesses and gaps in defensive layers around mission critical digital assets. During the controls gap analysis exercise, the security posture of an information system or IT environment is compared against our best practice framework, which is based on popular industry frameworks such as NIST CSF, ISO 27001, SANS Top 20, Australian DSD Top 4, PCI DSS and so forth. Our security consultants typically partner with your internal teams to evaluate the effectiveness and maturity levels of security controls around an entire IT environment or specific digital assets in order to identify controls that require immediate attention.


Your Benefits

  • Drives improvement in strength of security controls
  • Provides senior management with the required level of assurance
  • Helps prioritize investments in cyber security
  • Provides an up-to-date view of your current information security landscape
  • Helps you understand cyber security risks specific to your organization
  • Reduced risk of security breaches, regulatory fines, and litigation
  • Elimination of ‘bolted on’, costly, and ineffective security controls
  • Seamless integration of security attributes into information systems
  • Enhanced understanding and familiarity with your IT environment
  • Reduced incident response activities through development of cyber-resilient systems

Our Deliverables

Actionable security assessment reports
Tailored security requirements
Security advisory reports
Reference security architecture diagrams
Practical and cost-effective security recommendations
Security design review process document and flow
Reusable patterns and templates

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