CSAP 301: Cyber Security for Aspiring Practitioners

DIGISS' flagship online cyber security training course

Course Overview

Cyber Security for Aspiring Practitioners is a cyber security training course that will prepare students for a career in cyber security. The key lessons are taught through illustrations and practical demonstrations of daily activities of a typical cyber security professional in an enterprise environment. This enables students to picture themselves in a job position before actually landing one. Unlike several other cyber security courses available on the market, CSAP 301 provides a fair balance between content and context, which enables students to retain the knowledge gained and also appreciate how their efforts will enable business objectives. 

Regardless of your background, as long as you have keen interest in the field of cyber security, you will benefit immensely from this course.

Course Syllabus

CSAP 301.1: Fundamentals of Cyber Security

In this module, students will learn about the fundamentals of cyber security and why it has become such an important field. Just as every organization needs physical security guards to protect its premises and other prized physical assets, every 21st century organization needs cyber security practitioners to adequately protect its information systems and other digital assets that are used to drive its business. In this module, we will examine how cyber security activities support the business objectives of organizations in eight (8) different industry verticals. Among other things, we will discuss career opportunities, possibilities, and professional certifications in addition to introducing students to key elements that determine the effectiveness of any cyber security program.

CSAP 301.2: Cyber Adversaries vs. Enterprise Defenders
CSAP 301.3: Layers of Defense and Technology Solutions
CSAP 301.4: Cyber Security Operations and Incident Response
CSAP 301.5: Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)
CSAP 301.6: Implementation and Testing of Security Controls Lab

Who Should Attend

Cyber Enthusiasts
IT Professionals
Students and College Graduates
Cyber Security Internship Seekers
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What You Will Get

Access to online lectures

Access to course books (soft and hard copies)

Access to DIGISS virtual lab

Access to collaborative learning through threaded discussions

Cost and Duration


Successful students will be awarded the DIGISS Certified Cyber Security Associate (DCCSA) certification, which is currently going through accreditation with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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