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Cyber Security Program Development

The success or failure of any cyber security program is usually determined by the presence or absence of its foundational elements. In order for your cyber security program to thrive, the development and implementation of these elements require careful planning and a great level of detail.

Cyber Security Architecture and Design

DIGISS has a team of security architects with experience and formal training in the application of best practice security architecture frameworks, most notably, Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture (SABSA) framework, which is a methodology for developing business-driven, risk and opportunity focused security infrastructure solutions that traceably support critical business initiatives.

Cloud Security

Cost savings, agility and other operational benefits associated with cloud adoption are increasing becoming difficult to ignore. Alongside these numerous benefits of cloud computing, however, come various cyber security risks.

Cyber Security Talent Management

At DIGISS, our wealth of cyber security knowledge—acquired through formal and informal training, peer networking, independent research, participations at industry conferences, and years of experience protecting digital assets of organizations in different verticals—positions us as one of the leading developers of cyber security talents.

Our Approach

In delivering our services, we follow a 3-step iterative process:


During the Evaluate phase, we gain good understanding of your business realities, then assess your security controls against industry best practices. Where deficiencies exist, they form input into the next phase


Enhance phase includes several sub-steps (plan, design, develop, implement, test) that are undertaken to ensure significant improvement in your cyber security posture


Following enhancement of your cyber risk posture, we close the loop on value delivery by validating fulfillment of every business requirement while ensuring that implemented security controls will not impede agility and productivity. Our final report typically includes recommendations on how to continually measure the effectiveness of your enhanced controls


"Almost three-quarters (73%) of cyber attacks are perpetrated by outsiders. Members of organized criminal groups are behind half of all breaches, with nation-state or state-affiliated actors invoved in 12%"


- 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report





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