Cloud Security

Securing your cloud environment from the inside out

Service Overview

Cost savings, agility, and other operational benefits associated with cloud adoption are increasingly becoming difficult to ignore. Alongside the numerous benefits of cloud computing, however, come various cyber security risks. When your data resides in the cloud, it is susceptible to breach, therefore, you need to have a solid countermeasure strategy that includes prevention and detection of malicious cyber attacks. Let’s partner with you to proffer simple solutions to your seemingly complex cloud security problems.

In enabling and supporting the secure migration of your IT resources to the cloud, we combine our vast knowledge and experience securing notable cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Office 365, and so forth. We add tremendous value by fully leveraging the native security features of these cloud environments and adhering to security best practices as recommended by cloud vendors. During the engagement, our security consultants will work with cross-functional teams within your organization to ensure thoughtful identification of security requirements and implementation of appropriate controls. Where there is a pressing need, and your budget allows, DIGISS consultants will also evaluate and recommend the best Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) partner that will take your cloud security program to the next level.


The average organization experiences 23.2 cloud-related security incidents each month*
of companies have stolen cloud credentials for sale in the Darknet*
of large companies have a cloud governance policy*
- Skyhigh Networks

Service Offerings

Cloud Security Architecture and Design Patterns

Cloud Security Policies and Standards

Cloud Security Product Evaluations and Recommendations

Cloud Security Strategy and Roadmap

Cloud Security Configuration Benchmarks

Your Benefits

Ensures adherence to security best practices and vendor recommendation

Enables consistent development of effective security solutions to common cloud security problems

Enhances predictability while supporting flexibility

Promotes agility through rapid adoption of cloud services

Our Deliverables

Tailored cloud security requirements

Security and compliance configuration benchmarks

Cloud security standards

Cloud security strategy informed by your business objectives

Cloud security design patterns and architectural diagrams

How secure is the Cloud?

Security of the Cloud, which is the responsibility of the Cloud Service Provider, is about protecting the infrastructure that runs all the services offered in the Cloud but Security in the Cloud, which depends on the Cloud services being consumed, is the responsibility of the Customer.
- Amazon Web Services (AWS)

"The average organization generates more than 3.2 billion unique transactions in cloud services each month"

- Skyhigh Networks

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